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Job Opening: City Administrator

Hyde Park has created the position of City Administrator, which shall be filled by appointment of the Mayor, subject to the “Advise and Consent” of the City Council, to serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Council. The City Administrator reports directly to and is evaluated by the Mayor, and performs the duties assigned to him/her by the Mayor and as set forth in City Ordinance. Hyde Park City at its discretion may specify additional terms and conditions of employment in a written agreement executed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

Under the direction and authority of the Mayor, the City Administrator shall supervise, administer, and coordinate the activities and functions of all City officers, departments, commissions and boards to implement City ordinances and policies through the effective use of City employees, funds, materials, facilities, and time, and shall direct and control the overall operations of the City to assure optimum services to the community.

General Duties

Under the direction and authority of the Mayor, the City Administrator may have the following powers and duties as delegated:

  1. Plan and direct administrative activities of the City, develop and implement internal policies and procedures, and take necessary actions to improve operations.
  2. Evaluate and manage all City employees and, with the approval of the Mayor, hire or dismiss City employees. 
  3. Provide information and advice to the Mayor, City Council, other public officials, and the public on the City’s Operations.
  4. Act as the City’s representative in such areas as labor relations, intergovernmental relations, conferences, conventions, and seminars related to public management. The Cities representatives shall not obligate the City without specific prior authorization.
  5. Delegate responsibility as necessary to accomplish the desired objectives.
  6. Attend meetings of the City Council and other boards and commissions as necessary to coordinate and satisfy the administrative needs of the City.
  7. Act to resolve operational conflicts, decide and implement alternate courses of action, formulate administrative policies, and otherwise make decisions in the best interest of the City’s Operations.
  8. Recommend for adoption by the Council such measures and policies as he/she may deem necessary or expedient.
  9. Prepare and submit to the Mayor and Council such reports as may be required by that body, or as he or she may deem advisable to submit.
  10. Keep the Mayor and Council fully informed and advised of the financial conditions of the City and its future needs.
  11. Coordinate and supervise preparation of the preliminary budget for submission to the Mayor and administer the budget after its adoption.
  12. Review and make recommendations regarding all proposed contracts to which the City may be a party and to see that the terms of any contract to which the City is party are fully performed and executed.
  13. Protect and ensure the proper care and management of all real and personal property of the City.
  14. In the Mayor’s absence, the City Administrator acts on behalf of the Mayor for purposes of emergency and disaster powers of the Mayor.
  15. Perform such other duties as the Mayor and Council may determine by ordinance, resolution, agreement, or in a delegation of the Authority Matrix adopted by the City Council.
  16. The City Administrator is expected to ensure the legal compliance of all City processes and to carry out the will of the Council, to be accountable for all fiscal matters and to manage human and other resources while creating a safe and productive City


  • The City Administrator shall have experience and qualifications suitable to manage the City. Membership and participation in an appropriate professional organization is required including membership in the International City Management Association (ICMA) and the Utah City Management Association (UMCA), with the cost of participation covered by the City.  Said memberships must be obtained within 60 days from their starting date. The City Administrator shall adhere to all ethical, training, and performance requirements established by Utah Law and City Ordinance or policy.
    1. Hyde Park City understands that these testing and qualification requirements are contingent upon availability for testing.

Position Qualifications and Necessary Characteristics/Attributes

  • Bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration, or extensive experience in municipal government, preferably both.
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of municipal management and administration including Utah State Code, and other legal and political issues affecting city operations.
  • Experience in an organization of comparable complexity, preferably in city government, including grant writing.
  • A breadth of experience in a variety of job assignments supporting municipal government operations.
  • Experience in planning and land use ordinances.
  • Experience in financial administration including budget preparation and administration, preferably in municipal government.
  •  Considerable knowledge of computer technologies supporting city operations.
  • A team-oriented leadership style with a creative, problem-solving, collaborative approach and well developed interpersonal and oral/written communication skills.
  • Skilled in the art of diplomacy and maintaining effective working relationship with State, Federal and local officials, and city residents.
  • These bullet points are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, and skills required of this position.


  • Salary will depend on experience and is negotiable.
  • Paid Time Off – Holidays, Vacation & Sick Leave
  • Retirement through URS
  • Medical, Dental and Vision insurance



  • A pre-employment drug screening will be required prior to beginning employment.


Closing Date

September 22, 2021 4:30 p.m. MST

A full position description can be found at:  


Please send resume to [email protected]