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Andy and Michelle Haws - August 2021

August brought some really fun good neighbors.  We were able to surprise Andy and Michelle Haws with the August Good Neighbor Award. 

They are new to Hyde Park but it didn't take long to realize why they were nominated and described as amazing.  They were so gracious to us and we felt an instant friendship.  And that is one of the things that was mentioned in the nomination letter, that not only are they good people but great friends.  They have gone above and beyond in the neighbor department by not just asking if help is needed but just jumping in and serving.

They are mindful, service-oriented, observant, and act without waiting to be asked.  They give without expectation of anything in return.  The person that nominated them added a list of things that Andy and Michelle have done to serve in the neighborhood but our favorite was that they are always kind and friendly.

Machelle and Jay Dee Barr - July 2021

Our Good Neighbor Award winners for July are Machelle and Jay Dee Barr! They have given a lot of service to Hyde Park in ways that not many people are aware of.  About 10 years ago our city float needed a major overhaul clear down to the flatbed needing new wood for a new base.   With Jay Dee's construction abilities and Machelle's decorating talents they created a beautiful new float that served our city for many, many parades.  Of course, it was one of the best looking floats in the whole valley!  We didn't realize just how solid and sound the float was until we started tearing it down a little to do some remodeling for a new look. There were more staples than could be counted and a beautiful solid structure that our princesses were able to use.  There's no doubt that it will still be solid and fine in years to come when we might change the look again.  

The Barr's gave a lot of time and effort and out of their own pockets to give the city the wonderful float they did.  We hope that when you see the float gliding down the road you will remember the hard work and sacrifice that Machelle and Jay Dee gave to our city.

And it doesn't stop there, the Barr's give service to their friends and neighbors and church and beyond our city limits also.  We are so grateful to them for all they do to make Hyde Park an even better place to live!   Thank you Machelle and Jay Dee!