Hyde Park City
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Water Construction Project in Hyde Park Canyon

Scope of the Project
  • Hyde Park City is building a 2.0 MG Concrete Water Storage Tank, Booster Pump Station, and Distribution Piping
  • This project is administered by the Division of Drinking Water State SRF program
  • The project was partially funded using EPA funding
  • The Hyde Park Culinary Waer Improvement Project consists of constructing a 2.0MG water tank with the necessary appurtenances and piping including distribution, transmission, and overflow lines. The project will include a 12” transmission line from the city’s 1.0 MG SV Tank, a 16” distribution line from the Hyde Park Canyon Tank to the town, and a 10” pump line from the Greystone Tank to the Hyde Park Canyon Tank. At the Greystone Tank Location, a new Pump House will be constructed. 
  • Benefits of the project include preparation for projected growth, the ability to beneficially use more of the city’s water rights from the spring in Birch Canyon, and the ability to pump more water from the Greystone Tank to higher elevations.
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